Filter Frames

Filter Frames for Fiber Media Change Out Systems

Galvanized Steel or Aluminum

No Weld Tab System Locks Expanded Metal To Frame


An economical way to retain and change fiber media.


One piece flat strap required on frames over 28" that allows single pad usage.


Sturdy channel brace available for frames over 28" that necessitate dual pad usage.


  • The use of the permanent frame and replacement media system assures the lowest replacement cost in panel filter systems.
  • Savings of up to 50% or more over the use of disposable filters.
  • Changeable media systems can be installed in most systems, whether for industrial, commercial, or residential use.
  • No washing ...stuff in plastic bag for clean, quick disposal.
  • No weld tab system locks expanded metal to frame.
  • "SD" (standard drop) means standard construction is 1/2" less than nominal size stated.
  • "AS" (actual size) means actual dimension needed, please state.
  • One piece flat strap required on pad holding frames over 28"
  • FMS - (Size) Heavy 24 gauge galvanized or plated steel frame and 28 gauge expanded metal backing.
  • FMA - (Size) Strong high strength rolled rib .032 aluminum channel construction and 28 gauge expanded metal backing.